TV & Movie Locations Tour with Official NBC Studios Tour
TV & Movie Locations Tour with Official NBC Studios Tour

TV & Movie Locations Tour with Official NBC Studios Tour Tickets

Walks Of New York, New York



    * Film your own DIY talk show in a real TV studio - everyone gets a job and the producers will email you a cut after the tour.

    * Visit the studios where some of NBC’s most iconic shows are made like SNL & the Tonight Show and learn what it takes to meet their strenuous shooting schedules every week.

    * See some of your favorite TV and movie locations, like the fountain from ‘Friends’ and the bar from ‘How I Met Your Mother’.  

    * Enjoy a small group of 12 people or fewer so you get plenty of personal attention from your guide.

    * Take home a copy of your talk show and use it to launch your career in show biz (or more likely just show your friends).



    Approximately 4 hours 30 minutes


    You’ll take a guided tour of some of the most famous set locations in NYC from both TV and film. New York City is packed with famous spots but it’s often hard to recognize them without someone in the know to show you. We'll be touring the Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, iconic sights of Central Park like the bridge featured in Home and Away and the Friends fountain and dozens of other famous sites from shows like Sex And The City, Seinfeld and movies like Wolf of Wall Street.


    Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes at one of America’s most iconic TV studios to see what goes into the making of your favorite shows? This tour is the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true. This hands-on tour won’t only have you visiting the studios of some of America’s most beloved shows - like those of SNL and the Today Show - you’ll also get to film your own talk show segment which the producers will email to you when you get home - the perfect souvenir from this all-access tour. To round things out you’ll hit the streets to see show-business landmarks like the Radio City Music Hall as well as a collection of the most famous shooting locations from television shows like ‘Friends’ and movies like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.


    Recently revised and re-launched, the NBC Studio Tour starts by visiting two of the official production studios, such as the ones where they shoot Saturday Night Live or the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Then it’s on to the nerve centers of NBC – the video & audio studios and the control center where satellite feeds are monitored 24 hours a day. You’ll get a 360-degree view of the production process and see just how many moving parts it takes to make a single television show.


    Then comes the highlight of the tour: It’s all hands on deck as your group creates its own talk show segment. Everyone gets a job; be it cameraman, host or interviewee. After your tour, NBC will email you a copy of your segment  - the perfect keepsake for a unique experience.



    * Official NBC Studios Tour by NBC Guide in the Comcast Building at 30 Rockefeller Center

    * Studios where some of NBC’s most famous shows are shot

    * Video and Audio studios and Control Room

    * Make your own talk show segment with video keepsake

    * Famous set locations in NYC

    * See Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, Studio 54, the bar from How I met Your Mother



    The Pulitzer Fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and 5th Ave. Please arrive at the tour starting point not later than 15 minutes prior to beginning of the tour. Your voucher is not redeemable at the NBC Studios ticket desk. All tours run regardless of weather, unless the company notifies guests of a change in the tour schedule. No refunds or re-bookings can be provided for late arrivals or no shows after tour commencement or departure.



    * Gratuities to guides are appreciated but never obligatory

    * Please note that all bags will be checked at NBC Security after tour begins.

    * Photography is not permitted inside NBC Studios

    * Comfortable shoes and appropriate weather attire are recommended.

    * Tour ends a NBC Studios, 6th Ave and 49th St

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