Tower of London Complete Guided Tour with Early Access Crown Jewels and Opening Ceremony

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See the Crown Jewels without the crowds and take a fully guided tour of one of the most spectacular medieval castles in Europe on this VIP visit to the Tower of London. With skip the line, early entrance, you’ll get to watch the famous Opening Ceremony before being among the first into the Jewel House to see the Crown Jewels. Then you’ll tour the very best parts of the tower and learn the pivotal roles they played in the bloody history of the United Kingdom.

* Early entrance to be the first people inside the Jewel House to see the Crown Jewels without any of the crowds.
* Be one of the select few to witness the Opening Ceremony, one of the oldest military ceremonies in the world, which marks the opening of the Tower each day.
* Take a fully guided tour of the Tower highlights, including the White Tower, the Bloody Tower, the Torture Chamber, the old execution site, the Ravens, and the Tower Walls.

Your tour starts with skip the line, early entrance into Tower where, standing inside the  Traitor’s Gate with a small group of fellow visitors, you’ll you’ll watch an ancient military ceremony that officially opens the tower every day. After a quick introduction from the Yeoman Warders who guard the palace, you’ll stroll straight into the Jewel House and be among the first people to see the Crown Jewels. There are no crowds, so after you guide tells you what to look out for, you can take your time and soak in one of the most dazzling collections of riches in the world.

Your guide will meet you back out in the courtyard and then lead you on a full tour of the Tower of London. Start with the site where many a royal head was removed on the old execution block and learn the poignant stories behind the deaths of people like Anne Boleyn and Sir Walter Raleigh. Then head up to the Bloody Tower to see where Sir Walter Spent 13 years of his life and down into the basements where enemies of the crown were tortured in a dungeon that contains examples of actual medieval torture devices.

After a walk along the walls, which includes a peek inside the restored bedroom of Edward the Confessor (a must for medieval history enthusiasts), a chance to meet the Tower’s resident ravens and get an archers’ eye view out over the old moat, you step into the castle keep, or White Tower, for a full tour of a wonderfully-preserved Norman castle. The inside is full of Swords, armor, and royal regalia so as you visit each room, your guide will take you back in time to when England was still ruled by kings and queens. Some of it is pretty romantic, but you may be surprised how difficult and brutal life was.

The guided portion of your experience ends in the White Tower, but we’ll give you time at the end to see some of the areas we didn’t visit, like the Beauchamp Tower and the Fusiliers Museum.

This is the most exclusive way to see the very best parts of the Tower of London with an expert guide. Given that lines into the Jewel House can run for an hour or more on busy days, having them all to yourself is one of the most spectacular experiences in London.

Sites Visited:
* Tower of London
* Jewel House (First Entrance)
* Old Execution sight on Tower Green
* Bloody Tower
* Torture Chamber
* Castle Walls
* White Tower
* Opening Ceremony

* Hotel Pick-Up / Drop-Off
* Gratuities

Group Size:
15 people per guide

2 Hours 45 minutes

No Seating plan available.


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