Twisted Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour at Night: Scandals & Secrets of the Masterpieces

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This is not another stuffy museum tour. It’s a fun, irreverent, and slightly snarky take on one of America’s greatest art museums. It still has all the great stories, insight and knowledge of more serious tours, it’s all just a little, well, twisted. From schoolboy jokes and lazy artists to strap-on beards and a whole lot of painful jewelry, this tour will expose you to a side of art that people rarely get to see. And yes, there will be a quiz (with a prize!) at the end.

* See the highlights of the Metropolitan Museum with a fun and irreverent guide who will put a whole new spin on famous works of art
* Explore some of the more peculiar parts of the collection, including funerary art, and risqué ceramics
* Groups of no more than 15 people mean you always have a personal and engaging experience with your guide

This is an art museum tour for people who don’t usually take art museum tours. If you are visiting with young people, or don’t have much experience with art, or simply want to learn some unique things about famous works, this is an entertaining way to see some of the finest works in America, and have a good laugh while you’re at it.

Your 2.5-hour evening tour starts when you meet your expert guide and small group of no more than 15 people at the entrance to the Met. The small group size ensures that you can ask all the questions you want and never miss a word of what your guide is saying.

After a brief intro, it’s off to find some of the most bizarre and quirky pieces hidden within the enormous collection. A hippo with a limp? Check. A wardrobe malfunction from ancient Egypt? Yup. There’s even some kinky flemish dinnerware (if age appropriate, of course). You’ll also get the funny and fascinating backstories on more famous works and learn about the wild lives of artists like Monet and Van Gogh. Don’t forget about the butt-themed scavenger hunt; prepare yourself accordingly.

All of our guides are seasoned art lovers who have spent years studying the works in the Met. This twisted evening tour gives them a chance to show off their knowledge without the stiffness that usually characterizes museum tours. It's a unique experience for people of all ages and experiences and once you’ve taken it, you’ll never look at art in the same way.

Sites Visited:
* Metropolitan Museum of Art in the evening
* Tomb of Perneb and Egyptian artifacts (William the hippo, canopic jars, Hatshepsut statues, mummies)
* Meketre Tomb models
* Temple of Dendur
* Paintings of John Singer Sargent, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Pollock
* Washington Crossing the Delaware
* Primitive Ashmat tribal poles
* Pre Columbian gold pieces
* Various and miscellaneous oddities and rarities
* Rooftop Garden (seasonal, weather permitting)

* Local Expert Guide
* Ticket to the museum

* Hotel Pick-Up / Drop-Off
* Gratuities

Tour Duration:
Appoximately 2 Hours 30 minutes

Important Notes:
* This tour may not be suitable for young children under 13 years.
* The tour is in English only.
* Gratuities to guides are appreciated but never obligatory.
* Please note that the tour meeting time is 15 minutes prior to the start time. No refunds or re-bookings can be provided for late arrivals or no-shows after tour commencement or departure.
* A coat and bag check is available during the colder months. If you would like to check something, allow a little extra time before and after the tour to do so.
* All of the pieces listed in the tour description are viewable the vast majority of the time. However, the Met, like all great museums, occasionally allows certain works to travel in temporary exhibitions or be lent to other institutions.
* The MET also allows private parties to book out certain rooms for events (most commonly the Temple of Dendur), rendering them inaccessible for the duration of the event. If one of the listed pieces is unable to be viewed, the guide, at their discretion, will substitute another piece of important value.
* Non-flash photography is allowed. However, flash photography and video cameras cannot be used inside the Museum. Selfie sticks are also prohibited.
* The Met is fully wheelchair accessible. However, if you cannot climb the stairs of the central entrance to reach the meeting point, there is a ground level entrance one block south, near the intersection of 81st street and 5th avenue. Tell the desk you need to use the elevator to meet a group in the main lobby (at the pharaoh statue), which will then secure your entrance ticket. They will provide you with a temporary pass and help direct you upstairs.

No Seating plan available.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

1000 5th Avenue
New York 10028